My Favorite Listings Information


Our website allows you to SAVE listings to your Favorites Page. As you view listings and you see a home matching your price range and requirments you may SAVE the listing on your Favorites List without the need to try and keep track of the homes you like the most. 

If you want to see your saved favorite listings please click on: My Favorite Listings. now to see the listings you have saved on your favorites page as My Saved Listings or My Favorite Listings.

Emailing your Favorite Listings to Someone:

If you would like to Email your Favorite Listings page to someone you can do so by Emailing the entire Favorite Listings page, or you can Email the Favorite Listings page link, or you can just copy the Spokane MLS Numbers and paste them into the body of your Email and send your Favorite Listings by Email.

On the top left corner of your computer click on File, and then click Send. Now select how you would like to send your Favorite Listings Page by Email. Now select Send Page by Email or select Send Link by Email. You can also send a BCC to yourself to make sure you sent the page the way you wanted to. This is very fast and easy to do.  

This is a fantastic time saving feature to make your home searching experience more enjoyable looking for homes on any of our websites.

When you sign out of the Crane Real Estate Group web site and log back in click My Favorite Listings and you will be able to view all your saved favorite listings.

Just click on the MLS number and view the property. You may go back at any time to preview your favorites list. Note: Your Favorite Listings will remain on your Favorite Listings page until you remove them or until the Active Status changes to SOLD. Once the listings are SOLD they are automatically deleted from our web site and your favorites page. You may also delete or add listings at any time.



Realty Watcher Email's you all new MLS Listings

Would you like to have all the new Realtor listings which come on the market daily in the Spokane MLS matching your price range and needs Emailed to you daily?

Sign up on any of our websites for Realty Watcher and be notified when new homes hit the Spokane MLS. Just check your Email daily or weekly to see all the new listings which have been Emailed to you matching your price range and needs.

You'll love this FREE service. Be the first to see ALL the new homes as they come on the market daily in the Spokane MLS. It's Free. Give it a try. You may CANCEL at any time.

You may update and change your options at any time or remove yourself from receiving more new listings. This fantastic FREE service saves you time, money and countless hours looking for your new home on the Internet or driving around Spokane looking for homes.

Set up your profile now. Start receiving your new MLS Listings tomorrow.


Please call us to see any home on the Internet in any Ad or from any Yard Sign.

We'll show you any home in the Spokane MLS no matter whom has the home listed.

We would like to help you find a home. We do not require buyer agency agreements.

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